Sustainable and resource efficient production methods have been part of corporate culture at E+K Sortiersysteme for a long period. To implement this philosophy even in the area of energy supply, a photovoltaic system has now been installed on the roof of the production hall.
The modules have a total capacity of 224 kWp and thus theoretically cover approximately 130% of current annual demand for electricity at E+K. The project was planned and implemented in cooperation with the photovoltaic-specialists at FürSolar GmbH ( After connecting the system to the electricity network on 06/30/2011 reduction of CO² emissions of 150 tons/year is estimated.
As a further step towards the conservation of fossil energy sources, E+K plans the connection of the heating system to a neighboring biogas plant in autumn.


  • E+K Luftbild - Sonnenenergie
  • E+K Luftbild - Photovoltaikanlage