Vibratory Drives

E+K Sortiersysteme vibratory drives for the sorting, hopper & bunker and feeding technology for the gentle feeding and discharge of bulk material.

Circular Vibratory Drives


- high reliability
- toolless disassembly
- easy cleaning
- individual feeding output
- low noise generation
- easy maintenance
- suitable for isolator
- modular construction
- stainless steel design of the basic body and retainers available

Possible combination of E+K sorting bowl [mm] with circular vibratory drives


Depending on your request, we can offer you the following housings for our vibratory drives:
- partial housing
- full housing (baseplate sealing possible)
- Isolator version
The isolator version is the highest class of the clean room technology offering the advantages of product and operator protection as well as production safety.


  • EMSE-261 with electrical quick-fastening
  • EMSE-261 isolator version with vacuum fastening
  • EMSE-401 with baseplate sealing housing
  • EMSE-261 and EMSE-401